size quantisation (rus. квантование, размерное) — quantisation of charge carriers, whose motion is limited in one or more dimensions by an area with a size comparable to de Broglie wavelength of electrons (see also quantum dot, quantum well, quantum wires).


Size quantisation is experimentally registered in nanoobjects, whose size (film thickness, diameter/width of a nanowire, diameter of nanoparticles) is comparable to or smaller (at least in one dimension) than the de Broglie wavelength of electrons. It is observed in the appearance of an oscillatory dependence of the specific resistivity and the kinetic coefficients on the size of the object (for example, thickness of the sample), and on features (current/voltage steps, peaks) of the current-voltage characteristics of the objects, imposed by the appearance (as compared to the classical case) of additional allowed and forbidden energy subbands (or energy levels) in the energy spectrum of the sample material.


  • Streletskiy Alexey V.
  • Khokhlov Dmitry R.


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