X-ray computed tomography abbr., CT otherwise computed tomography (rus. томография, рентгеновская компьютерная abbr., КТ) — method of medical diagnostics based on the application of X-ray radiation to visualize internal organs section by section.


Tomography is a method of sectional imaging of the internal structures of a body. The method is based on the analysis of radiation absorption in tissues in different directions, followed by computer reconstruction of the full image. X-ray tomography is the first tomographic technique based on X-ray radiation. X-rays are absorbed to different extents by tissues of different density which facilitates the visualisation of internal organs. To enhance image contrast, the so-called contrast media are administered to patients. One of the applications of nanotechnology in CT is the development of new contrast agents based on nanomaterials.


  • Borisenko Grigory G.


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