ion implantation (rus. ионная имплантация otherwise ионное внедрение; ионное легирование) — impacting of extrinsic atoms into a solid by bombarding its surface with accelerated ions.


Penetration of ions into the bombarded object (target) occurs during ion bombardment of solids along with the surface sputtering process, ion-ion emission, formation of radiation defects, etc. The most common application of ion implantation is the doping of semiconductors for the production of p-n junctions, heterojunctions, low-resistance contacts. Ion implantation into metals is used in order to increase their hardness, durability, corrosion resistance, etc. Ion bombardment of high-temperature superconductors belonging to the RBa2Cu3Ox family can be used to create highly effective pinning centres and significantly increase the critical current density.


<div>Modified surface layer.</div>
Modified surface layer.


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