coherent scattering region (rus. область когерентного рассеяния abbr., ОКР) — a region in a material that scatters incident radiation coherently (consistently), i.e. in such a manner that incident radiation phase distinctly defines scattered radiation phase.


Incident radiation may be of any spectral region. The concept of the coherent scattering region (CSR) is used in optics, radar ranging, X-ray diagnostics, etc. There is a specific region of crystal in the X-ray diffraction of CSR that scatters X-rays coherently and independently of other similar regions. CSR size is measured tentatively, using information on the spread of diffraction reflections, and is used to determine the size of crystallites in polycrystals and nanocrystal powders. In such cases, the size of CSR is usually equated with the mean size of crystallites. CSR size is generally 10-15% smaller than the size of small particles (grains) identified using electron microscopy, while coherent scattering region corresponds to the inner (ordered) region of grain and does not include severely distorted boundaries.


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