Norio Taniguchi (rus. Танигучи, Норио) — A Japanese physicist, who was the first to propose the term nanotechnology.


Norio Taniguchi was born in 1912. Taniguchi began his research career in the field of precision abrasive machining of hard and brittle materials. Later, at the Tokyo Science University, he studied ultraprecision material processing by various techniques: electro discharge, microwave, ion and electron beam and lasers.

He used the term nanotechnology (nano-technology) to describe the processes of creating semiconductor structures with nanometre precision using the focused ion beam technique, atomic layer deposition and other methods. Taniguchi wrote, “Nanotechnology mainly consists of the processes of separation, consolidation, and deformation of materials by one atom or one molecule” [1].

In 1986, the term “nanotechnology”, without the knowledge of Norio Taniguchi, was suggested by Eric Dexler, an American engineer and promoter.

Taniguchi died in 1999.


  • Popov Mikhail E.


  1. Taniguchi N. On the Basic Concept of “Nano-Technology” // Proc. Intl. Conf. Prod. Eng. Tokyo. Part II. — Japan Society of Precision Engineering, 1974.

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