electron microscope (rus. микроскоп, электронный) — a high vacuum high-voltage instrument that uses a focused particle beam of electrons to produce an image of an object with magnification scale up to 106x.


Electron microscopes have a resolution 1000 times better than that of optical microscopes today. The most advanced electron microscopes today have a resolution of several angstrom (10–10 m). If we compare an optical and an electron microscope, the latter uses a high-energy beam of electrons instead of a light beam. To obtain the required image, an electron microscope uses magnetic lenses that control the movement of electrons in the instrument's vacuum column by adjusting the electromagnetic field. The two types of electron microscopes most commonly used in research practices today include a scanning) and a transmission electron microscope.


  • Veresov Alexander G.
  • Saranin Alexander A.


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