template effect (rus. эффект, темплатный) — multiple increase in chemical reaction yield of the supramolecular complex synthesis a due to introducing template into the reaction system.


In reaction mixtures that are used in the synthesis of supra-molecular complexes the template coordinates low molecular compounds around itself and thus increases the probability of a complex formation rather than the by-products. The template effect has a both kinetic and selective nature: the template promotes the main reaction and does not influence the side reactions, which results in the kinetic control in supra-molecular chemistry. The example is 18-crown-6 cycling in the presence of K+ ion (fig.). The template effect plays a key role in macrocyclic synthesis.


Basic and side reactions during development of 18-crown-6 [1].
Basic and side reactions during development of 18-crown-6 [1].


  • Eremin Vadim V.


  1. Steed J. W., Atwood J. L. Supramolecular Chemistry. 2nd Ed. — J. Wiley & Sons: Chichester, 2009. — 745 pp.

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