porometry otherwise porosimetry (rus. порометрия otherwise порозиметрия) — characterisation of porous structure of materials, particularly, the average pore size and pore size distribution.


The main methods of porosimetry are the adsorption method applied to study pores in the range of 0,35-100 nm, and mercury porosimetry, used to analyse the pores with a size of 3-300 000 nm. Of limited use in porosimetry are also gas and liquid pycnometry, calorimetry, gas chromatography, transmission electron microscopy, Optical, X-ray and some other methods. It should be noted that the absolute values obtained by different porosimetry methods may vary slightly due to the different models used for calculations and the structural features of actual porous bodies.


  • Smirnov Andrey V.
  • Tolkachev Nikolay N.


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