surface area otherwise area of interface (rus. поверхности, площадь) — phase interface area defined as extent of accessible surface as determined by a given method under stated conditions.


The surface area depends on the method of its determination and the calculation model, so when using this term it is required to specify the methods by which the measurements and calculations were made.

In determining the surface area of solids adsorption methods found the greatest application by which this value is calculated based on the number of adsorbed molecules in the monolayer and the area occupied by one molecule. According to the recommendations of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), the preferred method of determining the surface area of solids is the method of adsorption of nitrogen at the temperature of ~77 K. For bodies with a relatively low specific surface area (less than 5 m2/g) the method of adsorption of xenon or krypton may be applied.


  • Smirnov Andrey V.
  • Shlyakhtin Oleg A.


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