Nanocertifica (rus. Наносертифика) — a nanoindustry products voluntary certification system established by RUSNANO.


NANOCERTIFICA, a voluntary certification system (VCS) for nanoindustry products, was registered by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology in 2008. This system was designed as a means to confirm the applicability of products and technologies to the nanotechnology domain, support decisions regarding investment projects, assess products for compliance with specified characteristics and safety parameters, guarantee the adequate quality of nanoproducts at each manufacturing and application stage, and confirm the compliance of nanoindustry enterprises and facilities with international requirements for the safe production and application of nanoindustry products. Besides, the certificates of conformance issued within the system promote a favourable public opinion concerning the reliability and safety of nanoproducts and nanotechnologies. The VCS calls for the certification of the quality management systems of companies operating in the nanoindustry subject to the requirements of ISO 9000, as well as the certification of the environmental management systems of nanoindustry enterprises in accordance with the provisions of ISO 14000.

NANOCERTIFICA is open for enterprises and organisations regardless of their legal status and departmental affiliation. The system’s fundamental guideline is the protection of property interests of certification applicants and the nondisclosure of trade secret information received in the process of voluntary certification.

The following items may be subject to certification in the system: single samples or pilot runs of nanoindustry products; serial nanoindustry products; nanoindustry technologies; quality management systems of companies manufacturing nanoindustry products; and environmental management systems of companies operating in the nanoindustry domain or using nanoindustry products.


  • Ivanov Victor V.