Stranski-Krastanov growth mode (rus. механизм роста Странского – Крастанова otherwise механизм послойного-плюс-островкового роста) — one of the three main thin film growth modes, describes the case when growth starts as a two-dimensional (layer by layer), and then continues as a three-dimensional (island) growth.


The layer-plus-island growth mode (or Stranski–Krastanov growth mode) is an intermediate case between the layer-by-layer growth mode and the island growth mode.

After the completion of the two-dimensional layer formation, growth continues, forming three-dimensional islands. The nature and thickness of the two-dimensional layer (often called the Stranski-Krastanov layer) depend on the particular case. For example, this layer can represent a surface reconstruction with a submonolayer adsorbate coating or a tense film with the thickness of several monolayers.


  • Zotov Andrey V.
  • Saranin Alexander A.


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