mass spectrometer (rus. масс-спектрометр) — a device for measuring the ratio of the mass of ions to their charge, m/z, and the quantity of ions obtained through ionisation of the substance under study.


Mass spectrometers consist of a sample introduction system, ion source, separation device (mass analyser), detector (ion collector), and vacuum pumps, providing a sufficiently high vacuum in the entire vacuum system of the equipment, as well as control and data processing systems. The ion source is used to form ions of the substance under study and create an ion beam, which is then transmitted into the mass analyser. The mass analyser is a device for spatial or temporal separation of ions with different m/z ratios in magnetic or electric fields or combinations thereof. An ion collector (detector) is located at the exit of the mass analyser; the recording of ions is usually performed using electrical methods.


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  • Streletskiy Alexey V.


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