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term: ceramic matrix composites


composites with oxide, carbide, nitride or other inorganic non-metallic heat-resistant matrix.


Ceramics are materials with high elastic modulus, high melting point and high hardness. Because of the inherent brittleness of these materials the main problem to be solved while forming composite structures on their basis is to ensure crack resistance. In such ...

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term: cryogel

1) in chemistry and technology of inorganic materials – a highly porous monolithic or powdered product of freeze drying of frozen suspensions and gels and their subsequent heat treatment; 2) in chemistry and technology of high-molecular compounds – a product of low temperature effect (freezing, thawing) on solutions and colloidal dispersions of polymers and monomers, often followed by freeze-drying; 3) in medicine – a jelly-like fraction of blood plasma formed when the plasma is slowly cooled to a temperature of about +4ºC. ...